Chess Survivors Free Download (v0.7.2)

Chess Survivors Free Download (v0.7.2)

Chess Survivors Free Download pc game in a pre-installed direct link Download latest Version with all updates and DLCs – best free games on steam

Chess Survivors Free Download

This one was slightly more difficult to recommend. I really appreciate the change up from the regular survivor-like genre. Although the amount of build potential isn’t there, and most successful runs will typically revolve around using the same weapons. Also for 100% there is one achievement that felt like a massive grind (defeat 1000 elite enemies) because of the current exclusion of an endless mode. By the time I had to start grinding for this with every other achievement unlocked my progress was only about 500/1000. The core game play loop feels more strategic & turn oriented which I appreciate, but with the lack of options on level up it eventually just

loses its appeal after 5 or so hours. Another slight concern is the developers comments about being burned out. Completely understandable because game development is a thankless exhausting endeavor, although sometimes that leads to a rushed early access experience so hoping there is a plan laid out for their exit strategy. With that being said, if this game never received another update again then I think I still got my moneys worth. Roughly 5-10 hours of entertainment for a low cost isn’t a bad investment. Although there are other games within the genre at the same price range that provide more “meat on the bone”.

Chess Survivors Pre-installed Game Download

One of the most genius games I’ve played in a long time, and not just among the bullet heaven titles, of which this is an excellent example of. It’s a fast-paced turn-based game where the player moves on a chess board as it were the King, but via power-ups and upgrades can extend the arsenal of moves as if it were a bishop, a knight, and so on. The player can extend the duration of these move changes by connecting as many kills as possible. The enemies, too, follow the chess ruleset, and their look immediately gives away the kind of moves they can pull off. During the match, expect the usual barrage of improved weaponry and perks, just like in Vampire Survivors, with even

some constant real-time attacks that break the barrier between turn-based gameplay and otherwise. A brilliant idea with a lovely execution. Picked this game’s demo up during Next Fest thinking it’ll be yet another Vampire Survivors clone, but was pleasantly surprised. I mean, yes, gameplay is similar to Vampire Survivor or similar games, but having played some of those quite a bit, this one stood out as something a bit different (probably due to the chess element). Game is simple, it has nice mechanics and potential if they are planning to expand features further.


How To Install

  1. Download The Game
  2. Extract It Using (WinRAR)
  3. Install (All In One Run Times / Direct X)
  4. Run The Game As (Admin)
  5. That’s It (Enjoy 🙂 )



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128Mb
  • Storage: 30 MB available space

Download Here

Chess Survivors Free Download (v0.7.2)

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