Logic – Keypad Free Download

Logic – Keypad Free Download

Logic – Keypad Free Download pc game in a pre-installed direct link Download latest Version with all updates and DLCs – best free games on steam

Logic – Keypad Free Download

Game Time: 6/10. I won’t go into too much detail about this aspect because it could affect your game experience, but I will say that the game’s duration is quite short, depending on the player’s skill level (intelligence). As I mentioned earlier, although I haven’t completed the game yet, I have read about it in the update and I know which stage I amat. Additionally, there is no replayability, so the score will not exceed 7. I think this is a fair price. If the game is discounted by more than 20% in the future, I would give it a score +1. Since

I received the game for free on Reddit, I will share my opinion on the game’s pricing below. Regarding pricing, I personally consider a game to be a good value if it’s free (10/10), priced below $5 (9/10), or has certain advantages that justify a price under $10. Overall, I appreciate games that are reasonably priced and offer a satisfying experience. But the game already had a Demo version, so the score will be 8.

Logic – Keypad  Pre-installed Game Download

Story Line: 6.5/10. The game doesn’t have a clear story, as I read in the game description. However, the comedic factor in the puzzle game relieves boredom and is a plus. There are many interesting things, some thought-provoking and some confusing. This is just a secondary factor, so I did not delve into it much in the game. The English in the game is not really good, although mine is not good either, but I still recognize that. I usually have high demands for the story, so a score of 6/10 may be due to my pickiness. Puzzles: 8.5/10. Although I haven’t completed the game yet, the puzzles are really difficult and complex, not repetitive, and each puzzle

is creative and fresh, making the difficulty level higher than I expected. The puzzles are sometimes scattered and difficult to understand, causing me to take many detours to find the answer. It’s easy to miss some important clues, which can lead you to a dead end and not know what to do next (-0.5). The hints are sometimes very vague, they give you a second question rather than an answer (-0.5). Honestly, I asked a friend for help and he explained a lot to me, which helped me u


How To Install

  1. Download The Game
  2. Extract It Using (WinRAR)
  3. Install (All In One Run Times / Direct X)
  4. Run The Game As (Admin)
  5. That’s It (Enjoy 🙂 )



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128Mb
  • Storage: 30 MB available space

Download Here

Logic – Keypad Free Download

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